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Cough Sweets & Lozenges

Did you Know...Cough Sweets to soothe the throat date back to 1000 BC in Eqypt's Twentieth Dynasty, when they were made from Honey,and flavored with citrus, herbs, and spices. Wikipedia®

We stock most well named brands of cough sweets and lozenges, and some lesser know brands that you may or may not remember, from the strong Victory V and Fishermans Friend, to the classic Jakemans range of sweets, Black Bullets,  Original Cough Candy, Hawick Balls, you name it, we have it, or will do our very best to get it for you



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Barnips Lozenges
Barnips Throat Sweets Original Lozenges These little throat sweets, have been around since 19..
Coltsfoot Rock
Original Coltsfoot Rock These coltsfoot rock sticks are hard brittle sticks of rock flav..
Cough Candy Twist
Cough Candy Aniseed Twist Wrapped Cough Candy Twists are a classical herbal flavoured sweet t..
Crystallised Stem Ginger
Sultans Crystallised Stem Ginger Here's a sweet you can eat between meals without ruining you..
Jakemans Blackcurrant
Jakemans Cough Sweets Blackcurrant Menthol Hard Boiled This great soothing blackcurrant flavour Jak..
Jakemans Cherry Menthol
Traditional Candy Sweets Cherry Menthol Jakemans Hard Boiled This great soothi..
Jakemans Honey and Lemon Menthol
Jakemans Honey And Lemon Menthol Boiled Sweets An original favourite since 1907 containing soothing..
Jakemans Menthol and Eucalyptus
Jakemans Menthol and Eucalyptus Cough Lozenges As with our other jakemans sweets, these menth..
Jakemans Throat and Chest
Jakemans Throat and Chest Sweets An original favourite jakeman's throat & chest since 1907 containi..
Jesmona Black Bullets Sweets
Jesmona Original Black Bullets Traditional Mints Yes! they are the real old fashioned black bullet ..
Large Tin of Black Bullets
Large Tin Jesmona Traditional Black Bullets Sweets This large tin of minted black bullets are..
Mitre Original Cough Candy
Original Herbal Cough Candy Soft Fudgy Sweets Also known as herbal fudge brown candy, our cou..
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Original Kopp Kops
Kopp Kops Original Sweets A herbal flavoured old fashioned Kopp Kop sweet from Pascall with a..
Paynes Army and Navy Sweets
Army & Navy Sweets by Paynes Absolutely the best lozenger around, and has been for many many years...
Small Tin of Black Bullets
Small Tin of Jesmona Black Bullets Original Mints This tin of black bullets contains&nbs..

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