Visit Shildon & Timothy Hackworth's Resting Place

After a visit to the Locomotion in Shildon, most visitors, or those not in the know, miss out on the unique opportunity of visiting and paying their respects to one of the world's greatest well known railwayman and Superintendent Timoth Hackworth's final resting place, grave & statue & WW1 remembrance day monument, approx one mile form the Loco museum, either by car or a gentle walk through the lovely Hackworth Park which leads directly to the Town & centrally located in Shildon high street with its unique collection and vast array of independant shops and of course a large supermarket. Lots of free parking is available is available within the town and the nearest is within 20ft from the cemetary and the same distance to the start of the high street. A great place to call in after visiting the free attraction at the Locomotion Shildon Museum and to stock up on supplies for your homeward journey or grab a bite to eat. From fresh baked produce to cafe meals, restuarant food & a whole lot more.

Shildon has it all with a great local feel and warm reception to all its visitors alike. Not forgetting our little award winning sweet shop, that has hundreds of jars of traditional sweets to choose from. From black bullets to sarsaparilla tablets mmm mmmmm :) x SGS

Visit the Shildon Railway Loco Locomotion Museum in County Durham and visit the Town itself as no visit is complete without seeing the resting place of this celebrated engineer at the birth place of the railways.


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