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Did you know...Jelly Babies were invented in 1864 by an Austrian immigrant working at Fryers of Lancashire,  In 1918 they were produced by Bassetts in Sheffield as "Peace Babies" to mark the end of WW I, Production was suspended during WW II due to wartime rationing, In 1953 the product was relaunched as "Jelly Babies". 

We stock a large selection of Gums & Jelly Sweets, the above mentioned jelly Babies, Cherry Lips, Floral Gums, Fruit Jellies, in fact our shop in Shildon was picked to be the backdrop of the new  Newberry Fruits advert this year, you can see it here      

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Fruit Jellies
Fruit Jellies Soft Chewy Sweets These fruit jellies are absolutely soft, fruity and just an i..
Giant Strawberry Jellies
Smooth Chewy Jelly Juicy Strawberries Haribo Sweets These Haribo juicy giant strawberry ..
Jelly Teddy Bears
Juicy Haribo Jelly teddies teddy Bears Little dinky haribo sweets teddy bears made from a lov..
Lion Fruit Salad
Lions Fruit Salad Gums Delicious is the only word we can use to describe these lions fruit sa..
Lion Midget Gems
Lions Midget Gems Fruity Sweets Yes it also contains the little black liquorice one. Juicy little f..
Lion Poor Bens
Lions Poor Bens Little liquorice and aniseed gums made by the famous Lion brand. Save searching the..
Lions Football gums (fka Lions Sports Mixture)
Lion Sport Mix - now known as FOOTBALL GUMS Don't be fooled by any other so-called sports mix..
Lions Fruit Pastilles - DISCONTINUED
Lion Fruit Pastilles Original lion pastilles are delicious chewy fruit flavoured, fruit shape..
Lions Liquorice Gums
Lions Liquorice Gums/Liquorice Tablets Sweets These little licorice gums also known as liquorice ta..
Lions Wine Gums
Lion Superior Wine Gums The hardest wine gum around which lasts for an age, using a superior recipe..
Smooth Cola Bottles
Smooth Jelly Cola Bottles Plump, juicy and chewy, just without the sourness. Price: £2.06..
Squirrel Cherry Lips Sweets
Scented Retro Cherry Lips Sweets An old fashioned original sweet from the 70's which are..
Squirrel Floral Gums
Squirell Floral Gums Sweets Soft Scented Jellies These floral gums are a real old favour..
Soft Fruit Pastilles

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