Hard Liquorice Sticks X10

Hard Liquorice Sticks X10
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Old Fashioned Hard Pure Liquorice Juice Sticks

100% Pure real sugarless liquorice sticks that measure approx 5" in length and all come separately wrapped. Like imps only much much bigger. This liquorice is also known as liquorice juice sticks and can be also be broken down and mixed with hot water to make a lovely liquorice drink.

Price: £2.99 for 10 sticks.

Please note: This is 100% pure sugarless liquorice and has nothing added whatsoever. Also be aware that although people use this product for weight loss, its not something we advise on. approx 8g each.

Lovely customer (Mrs Weekley) passed this recipe onto us to share to the world, or should we say other buyers of these great sicks using these juice sticks: :)

Throat Soother

2-3 good hand fulls of linseeds (brown) into 2-3 pints of cold water in a pan with one full broken up liquorice juice stick.

Bring to the boil and simmer gently for 35mins.

Turn off the heat and the seeds remain at the bottom so you can ladle the mix above into a mug with some honey at he bottom.

Sit back and enjoy  mmmmmmmmmm

tip: Add a few sprigs of thyme to increase the benefit.

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