Adventures of Coco

Adventures of Coco the Tatty Teddy Bear
Hi everyone. My name is Coco and i am the shop Mascot here at Sweet Greetings Shildon. An old fashioned sweet shop based in County Durham, England. When i am at home in Sweet Greetings i take pride of place above the shop till although i am rarely instore as i am always out & about travelling with customers. Whenever i return from a new destination i will post photos and an update about my adventure abroad or in the UK.
Caravan Holiday in North East England - September 2011


Here i am relaxing on another holiday and catching up on my fly-fishing skills. I had a great time although the weather could have been a little nicer. Many thanks to everyone for looking after me. X
Trip to a County Durham Wood - August 2011 

My first trip to the woods, which was great, thought i might even see some relatives, lol. Going on a caravan holiday again soon, whoop whoop!
Chicago - June 2009
I had a lovely time in Chicago and even had a private limo (photo 2) to take me round the City for my stay. My visit to the Chicago Tribune building behind me in the first photo was really interesting and when at the top of the Hancock Observation Tower i felt so dizzy looking down at the City so didn't stay at the top very long. A great city with a great night life even with a bedtime of 10'o clock. 


Winter of 2012 was a cold one, good job i am a Bear and also have a jumper on ;)

Egypt for Xmas 2012 :) well deserved after the year i have put in, sat on the till x

Eventually retruned from my happy hols and got to meet our new shop bear friend sent from ITV studios Emmerdale. Many thanks to Miss Fitch & friends for the fab trip and looking after me on my hols around Canada & the USA. xxx

My passport from my USA travels with Rachel x :)



PS: Any customers of our shop are more than welcome to take me away as i love holidays and all i ask is that you take a snap of me to prove to my owners i am working hard to promote the shop and i will have the photo displayed here when i return home. lol


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