Wholesale Sweets

Wholesale Sweets

We sell sweets to the public in bulk at a very resonable wholesale price, so if you are looking for a quantity of confectionary for any reason please let us know.

We supply by the jar or 3kg bags, all fresh and ready for you, so if you want larger quantities of sweets or chocolates for parties, fetes, family gatherings, weddings, Etc then please let us know

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Full sack of ABC Candy Alphabet Letters Retro Sweets These abc candy letters are an old ..
WHOLESALE Barratt Milk Gums (Box)
Barratt Dusted Milk Bottles/Barrats Milk Gums Sweets These little original barratts dusted mi..
WHOLESALE Cherry Lips (Jar)
Whole Original Full Jar of Cherry Lips A retro 80's favourite. Here we have the original..
WHOLESALE Chocolate Peanuts
3KG Bag of Milk Chocolate Covered Peanuts Our chocolate peanuts have a lovely crunchy nut in ..
WHOLESALE Edinburgh Rock (Jar)
Jar of Traditional Edinburgh Rock Our edinburgh rock is soft, crumbly and absolutely melt in ..
WHOLESALE Floral Gums (Jar)
Original Full Jar of Floral Gums Sweets Here we have the full jar of these lovely gently flav..
WHOLESALE Heart Throbs
Haribo Heart Throb Jellies Sweets 3KG Bulk Buy Bulk wholesale sweets in the original bag. ..
WHOLESALE Lion Licorice Gums (Box)
Box of Lion Licorice Gums/Liquorice Tablets These little licorice gums also known as liquoric..
WHOLESALE Lions Football Gums (Box)
Original Box of Lions Sport Mixtures Sweets now known as FOOTBALL GUMS Do not be fooled by an..
WHOLESALE Lions Fruit Salad (Box)
Original Box of Lion Fruit Salad Gums Wholesale Delicious is the only word we can use to desc..
WHOLESALE Lions Poor Bens (Box)
Full Box of Lion Poor Bens Liquorice Sweets Buy these aniseed & liquorice gums ..
WHOLESALE Lions Wine Gums (Box)
Box of Lions Original Wine Gums Our star of the wine gums. The hardest & best sellin..
WHOLESALE Mini Eggs (Bag)
Wholesale Mini Milk Chocolate Speckled Eggs These lovely bulk buy mini milk chocolate&nb..
WHOLESALE Sultan's Chocolate Ginger (Jar)
Jar of Dark Chocolate Sultans Stem Ginger Like our other stem ginger, only coated in beautifu..
WHOLESALE Sultan's Stem Ginger (Jar)
Crystallised Sultans Stem Ginger Sweets Here's a sweet you can eat between meals without ruin..

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