Liquorice Sweets 

Did you know...Alexander The Great supplied his troops with rations of liquorice root whilst marching because of its thirst-quenching qualities Wikipedia®

We sell the best Licquorice available, both traditional and retro, with some modern slants of the confectionary, from Army & Navy Tablets, Lions Liquorice Gums, Lions Poor Bens, Liquorice Comfits and Torpedos to the classic Bassits Liquorice Allsorts.....Plus many many more 

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Buchanans Liquorice Assortments
Buchanans Liquorice Assortments A crunchy fruity outer shell with a chewy liquorice centre. P..
Hard Liquorice Sticks X10
Old Fashioned Hard Pure Liquorice Juice Sticks 100% Pure real sugarless liquorice sticks that..
Lion Poor Bens
Lions Poor Bens Little liquorice and aniseed gums made by the famous Lion brand. Save searching the..
Lions Liquorice Gums
Lions Liquorice Gums/Liquorice Tablets Sweets These little licorice gums also known as liquorice ta..
Liquorice Bassetti X10
Bassetts Liquorice Sticks aka Paddles/Bassetti Basseti - A real British retro sweet - a ..
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Liquorice Comfits
Liquorice Comfits Sweets A delicious classic of crunchy liquorice. Also see our lov..
Liquorice Cream Rock
Liquorice - Liqorice Cream Rock Cables Sweets Creamy liqorice fruit centres surrounded by lux..
Liquorice Lovers Hamper
Large Liquorice Lovers Sweet Hamper For the perfect licorice hamper gift for that special occ..
Liquorice Root X6
Liquorice Root or Liquorice Wood/Sticks and Spanish Root Real taste of lovely liquorice! Also..
Liquorice Torpedoes
Sweet Liquorice - Licorice Torpedoes These licorice torpedo's are bigger than our d..
Liquorice Wands X10
Liquorice Wands Soft Licorice Sweets These lovely pieces of twisted liquorice have a sweet hu..
Paynes Army and Navy Sweets
Army & Navy Sweets by Paynes Absolutely the best lozenger around, and has been for many many years...
Pontefract Cakes
Pontefract Cakes/Yorkshire Penny/Pomfret Cakes/Liquorice Disks Originally, they were only mad..

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