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Did you know...the name "Spearmint" is trademarked in the UK. This issue became known when skiffle singer Lonnie Donegan recorded a cover version of the 1924 American song "Does the Spearmint Lose its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight?" Because "spearmint" was trademarked in the UK, BBC Radio would not play the song as it was, as a result, Donegan renamed the song "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour (On the Bedpost Overnight)", turning it into a top-10 hit in both countries.Wikipedia®

We have White Mints, Red Mints, Brown Mints, Black Mints, we just have a lot of mints for you,  ranging from Jesmona Black Bullets to the classic Mint Imperials and Mint Humbugs. Old fashioned candy at its best.

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Buchanans Edinburgh Rock
Edinburgh Rock - Soft Crumbly Sweets Our Scottish edinburgh rock is soft, crumbly and absolut..
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Buchanans Magic Fruits
Magic Fruits, Chewy Fruity Sweets. Magic fruit mints have a crispy shell and a magical chewy ..
Buchanans Magic Mints
Magic Mints Chewy Sweets Mint Dragees Lovely mints with a crispy shell. The magic is the irre..
Buchanans Summer Fruits
Buchanan Glucose Summer Fruits Sweets A lovely summer mint, or even all year round, with a&nb..
Buttermint Bonbons
Buttermint Bonbons Buttermints bonbons are butter flavoured mints with a lovely soft chewy ce..
Everton Mints
Everton Mints Black & White Sweets Originally from Everton, obviously, and also very popu..
Jesmona Black Bullets Sweets
Jesmona Original Black Bullets Traditional Mints Yes! they are the real old fashioned black bullet ..
Large Tin of Black Bullets
Large Tin Jesmona Traditional Black Bullets Sweets This large tin of minted black bullets are..
Mint Imperials
Mint Imperials - Imperial Mints Sweets Whichever way you say, imperial mint or mint impe..
Small Tin of Black Bullets
Small Tin of Jesmona Black Bullets Original Mints This tin of black bullets contains&nbs..
Walkers Mint toffee
Mint Toffees - Smooth Mint Toffee Sweets Family toffee makers, Walker’s, have launched new Mi..
Menthol Lutti Cremes
Menthol Soft Cream lutti Sweets Menthol Lutti cremes are a soft menthol flavoured beautiful c..
Mint Rock Sweet Chunks
Mint Rock Sweet Chunks Edwardian minted rock. Strong minty and very tasty wrapped rock p..
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