Soft & Chewy Sweets

Soft Chewy Sweets & Pastille

Did you know...Gums and pastilles were first introduced in c1650, France perfected this art form and it was a French master confectioner who turned up at a confectionery factory in Yorkshire with the idea for fruit pastilles in the mid 19th century, Penny Chews were first introduced in 1870, with Chewing gum as we know it a year later.Tim Richardson

From the classic Lion Midget Gems sweets to a quarter of Jelly Beans. Listed below is a selection of our high quality sweets that either melt in the mouth, to the original jaw aching Lion Sports Mixture to peoples favourite Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles

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Squirrel Cherry Lips Sweets
Scented Retro Cherry Lips Sweets An old fashioned original sweet from the 70's which are..
Squirrel Floral Gums
Squirell Floral Gums Sweets Soft Scented Jellies These floral gums are a real old favour..
Sugar Free Cola Bottles
Sugar Free Cola Bottles Sweets Online Sugar free cola bottles are a new twist on a classic sw..
Sugar Free Fruit Salad
Sugar Free Fruit Salad Jelly Sweets Diabetic Friendly sweets having a new twist on a classic ..
Sugar Free Fruity Chews
Sugar Free Mixed Fruit Soft Chews Orange, lemon & lime sugar free sweets online and instore. We als..
Vanilla Fudge
Vanilla Fudge Lovely cubes of creamy vanilla fudge. We also have a chocolate fudge for ..
Black Jack & Fruit Salad Chews mixed
BLACK JACK AND FRUIT SALAD CHEWS MIXED What's better than black jacks and fruit salads? Black..
Black Jack Chews
BLACK JACK CHEWS One of the most retro sweets still available. Black Jacks are a super chew w..
Blackcurrant Millions
Blackcurrant Millions. These blackcurrant millions are tiny, deliciously chewy, and loved by ..
Bubblegum Millions
Bubblegum Millions. These bubblegum millions are tiny, deliciously chewy, and loved by all. ..
Buchanans Toffee Whirls
Buchanans Toffee Whirls Buchanans toffee whirls are an old favourite of my mam - she thinks t..
Cola Millions
Cola Millions. These cola millions are tiny, deliciously chewy, and loved by all. Price:&..
Fruit Salad Chews
FRUIT SALAD CHEWS Fruit salad chews are the original and the best chew, along with the Black ..
Jungle Candy Pizza
Jungle Candy Pizza A candy pizza is the perfect accompaniment to a party! Stick in the middle..
Menthol Lutti Cremes
Menthol Soft Cream lutti Sweets Menthol Lutti cremes are a soft menthol flavoured beautiful c..

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