Toffee Sweets

Did you know...January 8 is National English Toffee Day.

Here at Sweet Greetings we have lots and lots of lovely toffee's for our customers, we have Cinder Toffee, Brazil Nut Toffee, Assorted Toffee's, Treacle Toffee, blocks of Toffee, oh and just picked and stocked by Denise, Toffee Swirls Whirls, whatever, lol...they are nice

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Buchanans Assorted Mixed Toffees
Assorted Mixed Toffees Assorted toffees are a mix of our Best Buchanan's Toffee range.&n..
Buchanans Clotted Cream Toffee
Rich Buchanans Clotted Cream Toffee Perfections Made in Scotland these lovely creamy clotted ..
Buchanans Rich Butter Toffee
Rich Butter Toffees - Toffee Perfections For the butter lovers among us, this, righ..
Chewing Nuts
Chewing Nuts Chocolate Toffees Unsure why its chewing nuts as the centre is a lovely har..
Cinder Toffee
Stockleys Original Cinder Toffee Made by Stockley's of Accrington since 1918. Original cinder..
Grays Tea Cakes
Grays Marzipan Teacakes Toffees A lovey chewy almondy sweet toffee. Grays teacakes ..
Jamesons Chocolate Caramels
Jamesons Milk Chocolate Merry Maids Caramels Used to be called merry maid caramels until rece..
Liquorice Toffee
Rich Liquorice Toffees Also commonly know as rich liquorice perfections, these are the best a..
Nut Cluster Brittle
Peanut Brittle, Nut Cluster Nut Brittle is a unique classic combination of crunchy peanuts in..
Walkers Chocolate Eclairs
Walkers Nonsuch Chocolate Eclairs A slight twist on an old sweet. A lovely twist wrapped choc..
Walkers English Creamy Toffee
Creamy Toffee Vanilla Toffees Sweets Online Vanilla creamy toffee's that have a great smooth ..
Walkers Mint toffee
Mint Toffees - Smooth Mint Toffee Sweets Family toffee makers, Walker’s, have launched new Mi..
Walkers Treacle toffee
Rich Treacle Toffees Sweets Online Also known as Walkers rich treacle toffee perfections, the..
Buchanans Chocolate Caramels
The Original Buchanans Chocolate Caramels. Superb quality toffee smothered in the finest choc..
Buchanans Toffee Whirls
Buchanans Toffee Whirls Buchanans toffee whirls are an old favourite of my mam - she thinks t..

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